Online registration closes on Tuesday, September 13th at 11:45pm PST. On site registration begins on Wednesday, September 14th at 4:00pm - 7:00pm at Canyon Lodge. Please refer to the schedule for full details on registration times. Pro GRT DH registration closes at 5:00pm on Thursday. All other events will allow "day of" registration.

The Kamikaze Bike Games returns September 15th-18th, 2016 for its 4th year! Registration is now open. Click here to register. We are proud to announce that our Downhill is part of the Pro GRT Tour and is a UCI sanctioned event. The Enduro will cap out at 600 riders and is a stop on the North American Enduro Tour and is the Series Finale of the California Enduro Series.



It all started with one man – Bill Cockroft. A passionate cyclist, he wanted to bring bike racing to the Mammoth Lakes. It was the mid-80s and cycling was very much in the public eye, thanks to the Oscar-winning film “Breaking Away” as well as the USA’s success in cycling events at the ’84 Olympics, which took place in nearby Los Angeles. 

Cockroft was friends with the man in charge of the cycling portion of the Olympics and one of their mutual buddies approached him and asked Cockroft over dinner, “How much would it take to produce a major cycling event?”

Bill pulled out a pen, grabbed a napkin, completed some rough calculations and delivered the tally.

Soon the napkin turned into a check and many volunteer man-hours later, a bike race was born. In addition to the Kamikaze and the dual slalom (another industry first) there was also a stage race, which is a multi-day road race for those you who don’t speak bike geek. :)

Mammoth was regular on the international race schedule and the Kamikaze changed bike racing as we know it. The Mountain Bike Hall Fame acknowledged as much when they inducted Cockroft in 1994 along with other bicycle visionaries  Ignaz & Frank Schwinn (yes,those Schwinns), Keith Bontrager, and Douglas Bradbury.